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The way to the center of the galaxy → → link

Feb 19, 2024

I love this idea. Knowing where you stand in the universe.

Joyce Carol Oates’s search for a self → → link

Dec 10, 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed this, all the way to its bones and its crunchy core. Felt for Joyce, and wondered about my own “self.”

The line of succession"" → → link

Dec 04, 2023

I’ve been watching The Crown S3 and got to thinking about the current state of the monarchy. What a tangle - how one gets to the top of the pile.

Daily wrap-up 14 Nov, 2023

Nov 14, 2023

This morning I am up slightly early. But only slightly. Just barely beat LW, who comes in to our bed almost every night. The only nights he doesn’t come are his terrible bedtime nights. He is afraid of the dark. His bed is small. Who knows what it may be day to day, but it throws off my morning routine when he’s there. I would like to awaken and immediately do my Epley Maneuver to work on my continued “sea legs.” Then apply the salycilic acid to my beloved plantar warts. Then come to the front room, which is my preferred room in the house. (Side note: in Hollis’s Biography of a Poem I learned that Eliot always composed his poems on a typewriter. I haven’t yet finished this book, but I’m soon going to check it out again from our library.) Then proceed to the front room. In our house I prefer the front room by the windows that look toward the street. It has 2 Ikea chairs with the lower to the ground seats, which I find more comfortable. It’s also closer to the coffee.

But the front room usually isn’t where I sit: I sit in the living room. This is where the dog likes to sit when I let him out. This is where the kids show up and want the TV on for a bit. This is the crossroads of the family in the morning; I need to monitor it to keep things moving. People need to be on time. But is it where I prefer to sit? No.

This is just one little example. Over and over through the course of years, I am motivated each day by how to please the people around me; how to give them what they want. And throughout, make myself feel a bit less human under each subsuming of my will.

My inner dialogue right now: “None of this rises above a trifle. You are a whiny little thing, aren’t you. People, especially grown-ups, do this all the time. In fact, this is the essence of adulthood: sacrificing your own will and desires for the good of your family, or of society, or of the project. So suck it up.”

I don’t have a good response to that right now. But something has to change. Somehow I need to reclaim a prior self.

Beginning to mourn Bandcamp → → link

Oct 17, 2023

Count me among those fearing for Bandcamp’s future. I consider it my main source for purchased music, and if it topples, I’m not sure what I’ll do. Return to the iTunes Store?


Updated: Nov 12, 2023

This is a now page. Essentially an answer to the question, “What have you been up to recently?” I update this page as the focuses of my daily life ebb and flow.


I broke my Wordle streak this weekend - not on purpose - and I still felt fine about it. Didn’t even a slight pang of regret. Which felt like progress. Getting a bit of unencumbered enjoyment out of Wordle is the main reason I picked it up again.

I am feeling vaguely adrift. I’ll just leave it at that. I am also feeling proud of my kids for what they’re up to this school year - the progress they’re making.

I am also feeling physically beaten up. A new plantar wart developed near the heel of my left foot and it is dramatically impacting my steps. I am practically hobbling around. I am also still contending with the slight dizziness that I’ve felt since our Chicago trip last April. Yes, I’ve had sea legs since April - every moment of every day - except for a few hours one evening at the tail end of September. I’ve been dedicating myself to doing the Epley Maneuver every morning. All the while I’m worried that I’ll be stuck with these floating sensations for the rest of my life.


On which day should I try to carve out music recording time? For how long? Should I get to that Christmas album?

On which days should I play pickleball with the seniors over at the Rec?

Will I ever actually get to know somebody here? What are the chances that my constant curiosity and reportage mindset will stop irritating those close to me?


The Fielder-verse.

  • The Rehearsal
  • Nathan For You
  • Scavengers Reign


  • Javelin, Sufjan Stevens
  • Again, OPN
  • Tim Hecker discography
  • Cousin, Wilco


  • The New Yorker
  • The Waste Land: A Biography of a Poem
  • Fates and Furies, Lauren Groff

Recent notes

Fri. Mar. 22, 2024 11:02:30 AM

Could every work of art in whatever format be about 12 minutes long? Or whatever the equivalent of 12 minutes of time is in “weight” or amount or quantity.

Mon. Mar. 11, 2024 12:18:22 PM

What happened to the young man who used to spend piles of quarters playing Virtual Tennis at the Old Capitol Mall arcade.

Thu. Feb. 29, 2024 08:29:24 PM

I eavesdropped on a job interview during our visit to In N Out for free hot chocolate The candidate kept saying how much he liked their burgers and chili fries.

I’m fairly certain they don’t serve chili fries …

Felt a bit sorry for the candidate.

Tue. Feb. 20, 2024 09:05:22 AM

Lawson is feeling a bit under the weather today. He was up last night for several hours - hoping he will snooze a bit this morning. I think he might have a fever.

In other news: the churches here were full of sympathy for Israel after Oct 7 - which was good and right. And we prayed for them to recover - and inadvertently also prayed for the success of a murderous military mission - which is now dehumanizing millions of innocent normal people. And where is the church now - where is the sympathy.

Fri. Feb. 16, 2024 11:38:56 AM

I had never listened to Sun Kil Moon prior to the other day - but I remember all the acclaim in the mid teens - and after listening to Benji, I just don’t get it. Sometimes the songs are lovely, but the rambling of the singing - a vibe I would enjoy in theory - but it just felt dumb and pointless.

Thu. Feb. 15, 2024 06:49:29 AM

As I get older I’m increasingly convinced that, truly, nothing good happens after 10 PM. For me at least. Life would be better if I could flip my schedule and always be awake at 5.

Wed. Feb. 14, 2024 07:45:10 PM

I’ve decided that I’ll probably need to have Apple Music AND continue to buy music. To actually own and possess the stuff I care about. Or maybe get a record player again and buy vinyl.

Sat. Feb. 10, 2024 10:28:40 AM

Do you sometimes feel it would be the best use of your remaining time to sit down and just read as many books as possible? I do. Just to do nothing else at all. Ever. And expire your final breath in the chair of reading.

Sat. Feb. 03, 2024 10:06:15 PM

Watching The Banshees of Inishirin

Tue. Jan. 30, 2024 07:36:52 PM

I still feel the past and my experiences buried there as if they were the present. The big long now. Memories are bubble up and seem real in the moment and as if they are happening again and again.