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Welcome friends!

Hello new and old friends! From real life and from abroad on the Internet. This is your old friend Adam here to introduce my new home online. My aim here in Tooterville is a gradual return to the legendary Internet of yore - of the early days when I first dialed up to my family’s Interlink LLC account from our Gateway 2000 PC.

From my perch of observation, our online affairs have presently become too messy, sprawling, and complex. We have gained in the areas of connectivity and sheer breadth of content. We have also become equally bereft of privacy, depth, and meaning beyond the moment. I have become aware that the tubes of the Internet have been busy in the background rewiring my brain. Take a moment to reflect and you’ll probably find it’s true for you also.

I aim to counteract that rewiring with this new site. It will move at a slower pace — I will reflect more fully on things that perk my interest — I will occasionally share closely held thoughts and opinions in a form beyond quickly thought out bits of nebulous text — I will maintain a space uniquely to me whose content is not owned by a multi-billion dollar company. I’ll write about culture (books I’m reading, music I’m hearing, museums I’m visiting), post interesting links as often as possible on the home page, and eventually I plan on sharing original audio and music I am creating.

If you’re interested in coming along for this, do something you probably haven’t done in years: create a bookmark for my homepage, then come check it every couple days. If you’re into RSS (and you really should be these days) you can subscribe to my various feeds in the site’s menu bar. There are some nice RSS apps out there, but I’d recommend RSS Owl for Windows and Vienna for Mac, which is a really fun old style Mac app. Also, the new NetNewsWire is a great option.