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TV My Kids Enjoy

It is starting to feel as if my youngest boy will become the TV hound of the family. Even though he’s not yet 2 years old, he seems to receive more enjoyment from TV shows than anyone else in our family. Could be his tiny-ness, yes - I guess time and age will tell.

Here are our top 11 (in no particular order) and where to find them. There’s nothing particular revelatory or obscure here - just what they happen to like at the moment.

  1. Tumble Leaf (Prime Video)
  2. Lego ELVES (Netflix)
  3. PJ Masks (Netflix)
  4. Sheriff Callie’s Wild West (Disney JR)
  5. Spirit: Riding FREE (Netflix)
  6. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (Prime Video/PBS)
  7. Little Einsteins (Disney JR)
  8. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Netflix)
  9. Creative Galaxy (Prime Video)
  10. Adventure Time (Cartoon Network, Hulu)
  11. Curious George (PBS, Hulu)