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Three Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movements

I’ve just been watching several takes on one of my favorite piano pieces: the presto finale of Beethoven’s Sonata Number 14, “Moonlight.” Seven of the most gut wrenching and thrilling minutes of music that will ever exist. It moves me to the edge of my seat.

Check these out and see who you like best. It’s interesting to see the differences in approach and interpretation of 3 players in starkly different stages of life: a child prodigy, a young player at peak ability, and an old gentleman.

If you watch each of these all the way through, I think you’ll discover that classical music is far from set in stone. It is still a lively conversation spanning hundreds of years.

Wilhelm Kempff

Jonah Ho

3rd movement begins at 7:59

Valentina Lisitsa