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The US Open

Of course I’m talking about tennis. Lots of memories come up whenever I allow myself to settle into the year’s matches. Haven’t watched a single one this year until tonight - near the end of the first week. Unacceptable.

Back in my undergraduate days at The University of Iowa, the tournament always coincided with the beginning of school. Arriving back at the dorms and my cable TV, which I had not had during the summer at home, meant I could watch the weeknight matches on USA Network, instead of just the weekend highlight showcases on CBS. Those were the waning years of the Sampras/Agassi rivalry. Got to watch their classic 2001 quarterfinal. Thank you USA Network for caring.

This year the big Fortnite World Cup was held in Ashe Stadium. This doesn’t seem possible or right — and if I ever wind up seeing a dumb video game match there before I see a tennis match, I won’t ever forgive myself.