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First I want to mention the biggest surprise I had while watching BSG: that John Hodgman appeared in a late S4 episode. That caught me off guard. He looked so young.

But what a show overall. Almost 20 years on it looks somewhat dated - and one can see that it was produced by a fledgling niche TV network.

But those limits couldn’t constrain the force of these actors and these characters and the basic essence of humanity upon which this show was built. After I had finished watching, I found myself weeping inwardly at the loss of it being over. I carried that loss around inside for several days.

What was it about Battlestar that resonated with me so much? The religious themes, check. The hokey philosophy, check. The underlying mystery that turns out to be a macguffin, check. The zoom out to the big picture at the end, check. The people. It was all about the people, for me. You can’t forget these characters, drawn in big operatic fashion. And you feel for their journeys.

Highly recommended. And now can’t wait for the Esmail Corp reboot.