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Daily Wrap Up 9/24/21

Pre-K day for the boys. Costco trip. Flu shot. There was an older couple waiting for their shots ahead of me. The person administering the shot seemed to be in a hurry. There was nobody after me, but there were three thousand people in Costco shopping.

Thinking: The power of the comeback story. Tiger Woods overcoming his life trajectory and rising again to the number one in the world. Michael Jordan returning from retirement to win 3 more titles. Harper Lee rising from her literary grave to write another novel. Jesus walking out of the tomb to talk to the ladies in the garden. These things were not foregone conclusions - but they happened. We can’t forget how difficult it is to make a change and do something different - no matter the degree.

Watching: Ted Lasso. This episode was in the chronology of the current season, and that was good. Shipping & such - and crying.

Reading: The research published today about how Sodom & Gomorrah might have been an oral history of a meteor explosion that wiped out an entire area.

There now - that wasn’t so difficult.