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Month and day are the same number … maybe that explains the difficulty of the entire afternoon. It first began when I discussed, in public, getting ice cream. A huge mistake. Andy’s Frozen Custard. Wonderful one’s ice cream. SM and I got it last weekend after a promise that went awry. And, I’ll admit, I wanted some more. Unfortunately the promise of the sweetness set off earthquake tremors in our house. People were screeching for ice cream. And those people were(nt) me.

After all, we did go get the sweetness, and it was sweet. And there were so many birds trying to get into the garbage dumpster near to the Andy’s. And that was f_ gross. And next time we go to get the ice cream we will go to the NRH store close to the soccer fields - which gave us bigger scoops and whose front stoop was less cluttered with napkins glued to the ground by old sweetness. LW was running around trying to pick up all the trash. One lady told him not to pick up that napkin, because we didn’t know how long it had been there. Which was nice.

People were owly and asleep early. Including me. I shaved.