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I have felt fraglile most of today. We went to Target for everyone to get flu shots. I despise taking any of the kids to stores. Do not deal with it well, and it winds up creating stress for me and for everyone else. We had some miscommunication on what else we needed to get while there - I should have used the time that I had to put LW in a cart and go around to get the new coffee maker (ours crapped out this weekend) and the milk. But did I use that time well? No. So then in the heat of the moment of needing to get out the door I decided to dash around unannounced to do those things. It didn’t work out well.

I’ve been dealing with a burn on my left palm and forearm for a week. Hot oil splashed onto it when I was cooking fish. It’s feeling better today. Yet I know the impermanence of my body. It is ridiculous and over the top, but being surrounded by so much death and fear thereof during the pandemic has me realizing how much I don’t want to die. And how I don’t think I will be able to gracefully handle the decline of older age. I am worried that something is creeping up on me and it’s going to tear me down at a younger age - and I’m not dealing with that very well in my head and heart right now.

Don’t tell anyone that I said that - and DEFINITELY don’t try to talk about it with me!! Get off my lawn. BAH!!

In the midst of everything my love and appreciation for my wife is ebbing to a new high point. Thankful for all she does for me and our family.

Need to get that laundry put away this week. It’s a 4 day week, which always fly by.

Thinking: Should I finally find a general practitioner here and make an appointment? Was the Fiona Apple record from last year overrated? Should we switch up some other things in life???