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I haven’t wanted to write much here this week. Have been watching TV in the evenings.

Soccer practice this evening for FX. We picked up SM from school and went to McDonald’s. The McD in Hurst has consistently had the freshest and hotest fries of any McD to which I’ve been. Every week without fail they are hot. The dining room has been open the last 2 weeks and we have been the only ones eating in. LW treats the place like his personal living room - taking him places drives me bonkers - in my head, it’s a result of not going anywhere public for so long.

This week has been a week of sorting through this and that. I talked with my Uncle Dennis on Sunday and helped him look through grandpa’s computer. I contacted the local Civic Orchestra to see what level their musicians are typically. I heard back from the concertmaster that they have players of all levels - and that I should brush up on scaled and come to a rehearsal in January.

I am also considering completely giving up drinking alcohol. I’ve spent too much fuzzy headed time through the last years, and the last pandemic year in particular. It was an era of life, and now I can sense that it is past. Save it as a yearly occasion, or something. I was always the teetotaling kid through high school and college - and better off for it, even though it was occasionally awkward.

Thinking: Getting back to my roots of being straight-edged. Joining an orchestra again for the first time since 2004.

Listening: Shostakovich string quartets (Emerson String Qt). REM “New Adventures in Hi Fi.”