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Did a Ryan’s World exercise video this morning. 10 minutes of aerobics. Fox had been showing off how strong he is by lifting up the red chair. I expertly parlayed that into a group activity. This is my pro level stay at home parent skill at work. The things nobody ever sees, but which I hope will one day amount to a better person.

Wolfpack costumes are ready to go for tomorrow. Thankfully it’s supposed to be somewhat cooler - in the 70s. Because the furry wolf hats are hot. The weather here stinks. There are a few things to like about the south, but overall the southern United States gets a thumbs down.

Watching: Sopranos S3E2. The one where Livia dies. The scene toward the end with the remembrances is so classic. Had me rolling with laughter. A fitting end to a day with too much time spent considering the reality of death.