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Halloween. Kids dressed as a Wolfpack-wolf head hats, grey shirts and pants. Went went around the neighborhood. Lots of people out and about. An obscene amount of candy as usual. I sifted through it this evening in a first attempt to weed out the worthless stuff - but I found very little to toss. It’s like everyone handing out candy went whole hog this year. Got several full sized bars - mostly chocolate based candies - very little of the filler junkier candies. Don’t tell my kids, but I immediately throw out half of what they get.

M’s brother came to visit today. Felt special that he was able to come, since he’s got limited availability. The kids were thrilled to get to play with him out back.

Haircuts on the agenda tomorrow. Picture days Wednesday.

Listening: The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Iowa Public Radio Classical, The Talk Show x2, Upgrade Apple exec. interview

Thinking: Is it time to trade up into the modern era of the iPhone and get a 13 mini? I’m spending a lot of mental energy talking myself into it.