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Went to a Fort Worth Civic Orchestra concert tonight. SM’s first ever concert. Maybe EZ’s also? I think he might’ve went to a thing with the FWSO at Bass Hall. Pictures at an Exhibition was the feature - the conductor wore cowboy boots and dropped his baton during the first number. Final piece was wonderful. Pictures at an Exhibition. Kids were thrilled with the performance. I had to put pants on LW when we got home.

Good last day of her absence. Cinnamon rolls and park. Z left early for a birthday party. We went to Parr Park to bide tile until picking her airport pickup. LW had a major pee accident and I had to abandon every plan for dinner and getting home - didn’t have any extra clothes at hand. Terrible terrible mistake on my part. We made it through the weekend alone, but my level of irritation finally maxed out during the ride home and the unplanned Chutes and Ladders ambush and the rushing toward dinner and the questions over the messages sent and not sent and unreceived and received.