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Regular day at home. Excellent weather - not a cloud - but I’ll once again mention being tired of having no seasons in TX. Girls home early - quick dinner and then SM and I were off to Z’s orchestra concert. It was longer than past concert - first one under a new director, who seemed more formal that the last guy. More tuning before songs. More shifting people on and off the stage. The high school director is also the band director and the music history teacher - pulling a big time duty there. Z seemed quite proud, and the group sounded good. Makes me feel nostalgiac for high school orchestra. In my head, my orchestra was really really good. The repertoire we tackled seemed more advanced than anything I’ve since seen in a high school group. We were small, but mighty and with several very talented players who went on to bigger things.

We are sorting out Christmas travel plans, and I am sorting out our closet of all extra cruft in my spare time. I am considering picking up BOTW again - FX got over the hump of the first plateau area and he’s off to the races in the game now and is big into it - hard to pull away - frustrating to watch for me.

Listening: Monodrone, Customer Service