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You start writing online every time with the best of intentions. I know I have, every time, these last 20 years. But to this day I can’t seem to make it stick. What is it for? Who reads this? Anyone? And if no one, why even bother?!

So it goes and I throw up my hands.

But this evening in the shower I resolved to try something new: a daily, formal, couple paragraph post just wrapping up the day’s events. And also, importantly, trying to peer into the future and look ahead and what’s next. I might not always do this here on the site - I sometimes feel like handwriting privately to myself.

Happenings: It was crisp this morning, and I wanted pants, and the fan was too much in the bedroom. The boys and I fixed Fox’s bike tire and went riding/walking/strolling. I did the dishes during quiet hours. The songs were finalized for Sunday. Girls were home late d/t soccer practice. I wanted to join the Bedford Lib book club for Oct 7. But it’s at 7 PM and that’ll be a problem. I considered joining the upcoming growth group at church - starting Oct 6. I showered.

Listening & Reading: “No One is Talking About This,” Patricia Lockwood. Son Volt’s old albums.

Ideas: The COVID pandemic is squarely planted in the top 10 worst pandemics ever in human history. Not really an idea, but on my mind nonetheless. Shower thought: for Christmas, kids each get: a book, a gift card, some cash, one list item, some food, a family Switch game. We eat Mexican food.