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Played guitar with the church worship band this morning. 2nd time being back since my finger surgery May 2020. Happy to be with the team, but have always felt like a big of an outsider - not witty or pretty enough, somehow - an interloper. The warp and the woof of it all - looking forward to Thanksgiving ham balls and extra sauce.

Exhausted this evening. M is cooking eggs in the instant pot. I shaved and listened to THE TRUTH. It was discovered this evening that E hasn’t been receiving notifications for messages on his iPad. His school had to reinstall a device profile they use to lock things down while in school. You understand why they see fit to do that - I also see fit to do it - but it causes a non-zero amount of mild chaos and upheaval and rearraging of things. It’s a buzzing fly.

Thinking: It is naively vain and egotistical to tell a person that they “Belong” in a certain place or group. Nobody except God can tell a person where they belong in this world.