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First daily wrap of 2022. Lots has happened. LW broke his leg and just had his cast removed this past Tuesday. In the meantime we had Christmas & New Year’s and visit days and an eternity of time off and a new raging covid fire. Back when the pandemic started I was writing these cute tweets about the little disruptions to life lived entirely at home - and people got a chuckle from them, maybe. Now we are so long gone from that state of mind. I can’t believe how much time has passed.

M to a wrestling meet tonight. One of her students was pinned. Dinner here this week has been abject terror and failure upon failure. Nobody wants to eat anything excepting pizza and penne pasta.

The Mill was demolished today back in Iowa City. I played many of my first gigs there in town. Saw many memorable shows. I should write about those soon: DBT during the snowstorm in Feb 2002, Jay Farrar, Titus Andronicus, NYE w Dave Zollo, David Bazan, too many to mention or remember. Open Mic nights with Jay Knight, where Blame Not the Bard made an early name for itself.

Thank you to all those who owned and operated The Mill, even when it was barely afloat.