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Why am I doing this? When the dog’s whining is more weighty on my mind. And the cleanliness of the backyard ahead of the snow is more Paramount+. And my friend’s dad was removed from life support today. Which wasn’t what one had hoped for the day. Discussing pandemic deaths and flower deliveries and whether a friend’s brother and she would opt to induce.

Is it alright to purchase music anymore? Side note.

Is the Jim Beam cinnamon liqueur as good as the iowa distillery Prairie Fire? Are the casino playing cards as good as the cheap ones from the other casino down the back highway? Where you saw BB King back in the day.

And you peer into the case which held chocolates. Only to discover that it now holds only writing utensils. Mostly pens. But we did buy an entire shipping container of them just to be sure. Or maybe because that was the only quantity that prime shipping would allow.

FX got the master sword today. Along with my help. It’s like a spoiler watching him do all this stuff again. And it makes me aggrivated. Need to go greet my wife now, so goodbye.

Zelda forever thru the ages.