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There was time I contacted a Japanese musician who I heard on Bandcamp after scrolling around endlessly in the trough of ambient music. His music is guitar based, which attracted me. I sent him an email via his contact page, letting him know that I was enjoying his style and songs. He responded soon after, thankful, and requesting that I send him my own music sometime.

I have yet to fulfill that request. Our exchange ended there. I still think about whether I will ever get around to sending him anything. The bare truth: there is nothing to send, and nothing to say. Furthermore, the ambient guitarist in Japan never thinks of our exchange, and his life will proceed on its course whether or not I ever send anything his way.

In other news, my high school class of Y2K had its first ever “reunion” recently. I was not in attendance, but about 7% of me wishes I had been. I am tentatively making plans to be there for a more formal event in 2025. 25 years is about right. But I don’t need any further years to see that I remain about 18 or 20 y/o while most have grown into full fledged adults. I know this in my Heart and Soul. Do I need it further reinforced?

Today Trump again pleaded Not Guilty. Noted for posterity.

I recently set up my ancient 2010 Mac Pro again, hoping to be able to bump it up to Big Sur with OpenCore Legacy. But I threw away my stock GPU. Which is making things more difficult to get the install done.