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This is a now page. Essentially an answer to the question, “What have you been up to recently?” I update this page as the focuses of my daily life ebb and flow.


I broke my Wordle streak this weekend - not on purpose - and I still felt fine about it. Didn’t even a slight pang of regret. Which felt like progress. Getting a bit of unencumbered enjoyment out of Wordle is the main reason I picked it up again.

I am feeling vaguely adrift. I’ll just leave it at that. I am also feeling proud of my kids for what they’re up to this school year - the progress they’re making.

I am also feeling physically beaten up. A new plantar wart developed near the heel of my left foot and it is dramatically impacting my steps. I am practically hobbling around. I am also still contending with the slight dizziness that I’ve felt since our Chicago trip last April. Yes, I’ve had sea legs since April - every moment of every day - except for a few hours one evening at the tail end of September. I’ve been dedicating myself to doing the Epley Maneuver every morning. All the while I’m worried that I’ll be stuck with these floating sensations for the rest of my life.


On which day should I try to carve out music recording time? For how long? Should I get to that Christmas album?

On which days should I play pickleball with the seniors over at the Rec?

Will I ever actually get to know somebody here? What are the chances that my constant curiosity and reportage mindset will stop irritating those close to me?


The Fielder-verse.